Welcome to a Jurassic Park! (sort of… not really…)

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the National Dinosaur Museum’s blog, run by yours truly! My name is Katelyn and I am one of the employees here at the museum (to see my gorgeous face, there's a photo at the bottom!). As a staff member here, I get to guide school tours, host dinosaur birthday parties, visit schools for outreach programs to teach kids about dinosaurs, as well as many other fun things! (And some less fun tasks like processing bookings and responding to email enquiries!)

A new task I’ve been given is to run our sparkly new blog! So this is the very first blog post ever, I hope it isn’t truly dreadful. Due to the current quarantine lives we are all living, us here at the Dinosaur Museum are trying to go more digital in order to include more people in the wonderful world that is dinosaurs!

If you're wondering what we're doing currently in response to this pandemic, we've introduced many new procedures to the Museum to keep everyone safe and healthy. Most important is we are running at a restricted capacity and we really encourage everyone to book online for one of our timed sessions in advance. Please help us to keep safe, we don't want to become extinct!

On another note, did you know we like crystals! We have a GINORMOUS – dinosaur-sized, one might even say – gift shop. It is full to the brim with fun dinosaur toys, educational activities, and glittering crystals. (Side note: we now have an online store! Please check it out, I’ll leave a link at the bottom!).

So that’s it for today! Very short but sweet, I only wanted to introduce myself and let you know how excited I am to get this project going! In future posts I’ll be talking about all sorts of things – crystals, dinosaurs, our shop, our lovely staff – whatever takes my fancy! I look forward to getting to know you all. 😊 And don’t be afraid to chuck us a question or comment!

Have a dino-mite day!

Katelyn xx


Handy dandy links and information

Online shop: https://nationaldinosaurmuseumshop.com.au/

Want to come and give us a (socially distanced) visit?  We (staff and dinosaurs) reside at 6 Gold Creek Road, Nicholls, ACT, 2913.

We love a good Snapchat filter!

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