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Fossil Frenzy

Fossil Frenzy

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Author: Sandra Bennett



The Adamson siblings are on their third thrilling adventure. There’s not a beach in sight this time, not even a drop of water. Zac, Clare and Luke find themselves in the drought-stricken present of outback Queensland where the only hope to save their Uncle’s farm is buried in the past.

Shortlisted in Queensland Writers Centre Adaptable Competition 2020. The manuscript was pitched to film producers in association with the Gold Coast Film Festival. Now it’s your turn to enjoy reading this exciting and engaging adventure set among the fossil region around Winton, Queensland.

Discover unusual Australian dinosaurs and mega-fauna along with the Adamson siblings.

Devastated by the effects of drought on the family farm, rock collector and all-round science buff, Zac has a plan. Along with his squabbling siblings, animal loving, Clare and trouble-making, Luke, the trio set off in search of dinosaur fossils. Not heeding weather warnings, they must seek shelter fast when two cyclones merge to descend upon the landscape. After the storm, the environment is strangely different.

A lush rainforest canopy now shelters them. A massive lake now fills the open plains. The homestead is nowhere in sight. Zac can’t reach Uncle Tom on his walkie-talkie and what’s worse, there’s a pile of ginormous poo that no cow could possibly have left behind.

Will they find the proof they need to save the family farm, or have they discovered much more than they ever thought possible?

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