Father's Day at the NDM!

Father's Day at the NDM!

Hi all!

Guess what! It’s Father’s Day this weekend! What better way to celebrate and show your love for your father than by gifting them a fun-filled day at the National Dinosaur Museum?! We have so many fun things to do here together as a family! Not to mention, the weather is shaping up to look absolutely lovely this weekend, so why not spend a day outside in our newly renovated Dinosaur Garden? We’re so proud of it and we just really want to share it with you all!!!

We also have so many cool gifts you could buy dad! We recently received a massive amount of new stock, so we’ve been busy all week getting it ready for Father’s Day, and also the school holidays. We recently got shot glasses with our logo on it – what’s a more perfect present for dad?!

Furthermore, I’d also like to let everyone know we’ll be having more regular night tours during the school holidays! We will be having them on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. So you’ll be able to join our lovely tour guides on an intimate night tour. We love running them, so I hope you guys love them as much as we do!!

Please don’t forget we’re taking bookings online now, to help stay on top of the number of visitors we get. This obviously helps us help you maintain social distancing, and keep everyone happy and healthy!

Lastly, if you’re not feeling well, please stay at home! Stay safe in these uncertain times!


Have a great weekend!